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Blues Rock Crossroads with Mal

Airs live Tuesday 8-10pm. Features music in the blues-rock genre style, ranging from Blues to Blues Rock to Classic Rock

The Rhythm Section with Graeme

Airs live Monday 8-10pm.

The Groove with DJ DeLorean

Airs live Thursday 8-10pm. An eclectic mix of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip-hop & R ‘n’ B. All with an upbeat attitude.

The Jazz Club

Jams Run Free with Gav

Airs live Thursday 6-8pm. Newly released local and international jams with no boundaries. Expect jangly indie rock, a swig of country twang, breezy pop ditties, scattershot soundscapes and tunes with hand claps.

Nonstop 90’s with James

The 90s certainly brought us some great music – were you Oasis or Blur? Were you Metallica or Nirvana? Were you Chili Peppers or Faith No More? Sega or Nintendo?

Noughties to Now with Shana

Shana presents Noughties to Now, a random assortment of musical gems from the noughties, the 10s and all the way up to the latest chart toppers.

Spotlight with Darcy & Bill (20+ tracks)

Spotlight is a weekly one-hour program. Hosts Darcy & Bill put the Spotlight on a certain artist, genre, album, year, decade, era or mood. They will tell all there is to know about the music as well as discuss what they think of the song.

One-off specials… that are too good to only hear once! (10+ tracks)

A mixed bag of gems.