Community Focus

As a community radio, we survive on contributions from people such as you –  including individual and organisational membership, sponsorship and the goodwill and time of volunteers.

If you’re not already involved, perhaps you could think about ways to help us stay on air so that we, in turn, can continue to provide our services for you.

We do not receive direct government funding, so we rely on members, sponsors and donations to continually provide local voices and information on the airwaves.

Become a Philanthropist

You don’t need to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist – every little bit helps.

Make a Donation

Donations  are much appreciated & gratefully accepted.

Where possible, please make donations via Bank Transfer:
Account name: South Coast FM
BSB: 633-000 (Bendigo Bank)
Account number: 109264341
Include your name as the transfer Reference.

Alternatively, cheques made out to ‘South Coast FM’ can be posted to:
South Coast FM
P.O. Box 144, Inverloch VIC 3996

Make a Bequest

Leaving a bequest  in your will is a practical way to help South Coast FM community radio to continue to support the South Gippsland community.

Your bequest could help fund critical equipment, youth involvement, a particular program or a festival for community groups.

A gift in your will is a lasting tribute that will assist us to deliver on our mission to  provide a variety of good music and local event information to the South Gippsland Community.

Bequests of any size will contribute to our future work and will be gratefully received.

You may decide to leave your bequest as a specific amount, percentage or part of your estate, or the residue of your estate.

We highly recommend that you speak to a Solicitor and Financial Advisor about Bequest options.

For your convenience, below is our recommended wording of Wills :

After payment of all my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses and all duties, taxes and charges payable on my Estate at my death, I give to SOUTH GIPPSLAND FM RADIO INC. (ABN 29019110776)

(a) the sum of $______;  or

(b) ______% of my estate; or

(c) the residue of my estate; for the general purposes of South Gippsland Radio 3mFM Inc.

I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of South Gippsland Community Radio 3mFM Inc. will be sufficient discharge for my Trustees.