Studio Tap N Text

You can send text messages direct to Presenters Live in the Studio:

You can now send text messages to South Coast FM presenters while they’re Live in the Studio?

Make a music request. Send a Cheerio. Keep us updated on local news & events.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How to send a message to the South Coast FM Studio:

  1. Using your mobilephone…
  2. Visit our website at
  3. Click the red ‘Studio Tap N Text’ button (located near the top)
  4. Type us a text message & press Send

Note: Only works on a mobile device with SMS capability.

Save ‘Studio Tap N Text’ as a mobile contact:

The SMS text mobile number is : 0491 605 982

The technology

We use an Android mobilephone with both a SIM & Google Messages installed.

It can receive & send both standard mobile SMS/MMS, as well as internet ‘RCS messages’.

If you don’t have SMS capability, but do have an Android device or Gmail account via a PC web-browser, you can use Google Messages to send ‘RCS messages’ to ‘’.

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