3mFM Presenter Toolkit (draft only)

Station Identification Lines

Local radio 3mFM

  • 88.1 – Korumburra, Leongatha, Wonthaggi, Inverloch.
  • 89.1 – Phillip Island, San Remo & Bass.
  • 89.5 – Foster, Yarram & Wilsons Promontory
  • Streaming Live via our website 3mfm.com.au

Station Promotions

List of currents CSAs?

What else?

Program Highlights

Artie’s Funbag – Friday nights at 6.

Presenter provided highlights of up coming shows for others Presenters to promote

Spotlight with Darcy & Bill – Monday nights at 9

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Local Events & Markets

Calendars: 3mFM Events Calendar | Bass Coast Shire Calendar | South Gippsland Shire Events

Markets: Bass Coast markets | South Gippsland markets

News & Weather

News: South Gippsland Sentinel Times | Gippsland Times | Phillip Island & San Remo Advertiser | Bass Coast News | Waterline News | ABC Gippsland | 9 News Gippsland

Weather: BOM Wonthaggi | BOM West & South Gippsland

Do’s & Don’ts

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Words of Wisdom

What  Program Directors look for in Presenters

TIGHT PANELING – This means tight cross fades, no dead air. Everything runs smoothly together and levels not too high or too low.  Smooth transition from ads to music and vice versa. Having a ‘soft touch’ on the buttons so as not to come across on air. Or turning mike off before pressing buttons.

THE ABILITY TO SHINE IN A FORMAT – This is the criteria which will be used more as you gain experience as an announcer. If you are just starting your career, a PD will be looking for potential, the ability to pick things up quickly. Think of a TV host, they need charisma and personality to differentiate them from your average person. You are no different.

TEAM PLAYER ATTITUDE – There are a lot of jocks in the industry who are driven by their ego and are just impossible to work with.

“The competition is not the other announcers in your station, it’s the other stations in your market”.

PERSONALITYYOUR personality, not Neil Mitchell’s or Richard Stubbs.

CHEMISTRY WITH STATION STAFF – Obviously your ability to get along with the rest of the staff, ALL staff, not just the announcers.

PERSONABLE DELIVERY – This gets back to you being on air….Nobody can do you better than you…right?

COMFORTABLE DOING LIVE EVENTS – As competition in radio heats up, you’ve got to get out to the audience more and more all the time. If you get anxious in front of a live crowd you’re not going to make it. Many radio personalities make the crossover into TV because they are so comfortable working in front of audiences.

Tips To Help You Grow as a Presenter

  • Invest in your career, time, effort and money.
  • Always be aware that no matter how good you’ve become, there’s still a lot to learn.
  • Be wary of those who try to convince you that their way is the only way.
  • Listen to as much radio as you can in different formats. Go ahead and steal from them, but more importantly, be inspired by them. Try to adapt other people’s good ideas and make them your own.
  • Take time to determine what is important to you, and then take care not to compromise those values.
  • Aircheck yourself regularly. ie, record your shift and use it as a great learning tool.
  • Forget about impressing your radio friends….concentrate on communicating with and serving your audience.
  • Read everything you can get your hands on, it will help you to become a more rounded and well informed personality.
  • Radio is supposed to be FUN!!!

Air Check Evaluation Checklist

  • Is the station ID being mentioned every time you talk and are they being used at the proper places as per the format?
  • Any repetition of pet phrases and cliches?
  • Tight paneling, levels perfect, no dead air?
  • Talking speed too slow, too fast, OK?
  • Monotone or variable pitch in your voice?
  • Is there any background noise such as paper shuffling, tapping pens, or buttons being pushed?
  • Does your program run smoothly or is it jerky?
  • Could you have reworded something to make it sound better?
  • Are you sounding positive and energetic?
  • is there any evidence of not being prepared?
  • Are you talking one to one with your audience?
  • Time calls, your name, frequency, and ID all ok?
  • Promos and liners correctly placed?
  • Weather and temperature all ok?
  • Something local in your shift? (CSA, suburb mention?)
  • Creativity, word pictures, (eg, violently sunny)
  • Was it better than your last show? 


3mFM has Training available online. The link is 3mfm.com.au/training. For the password, contact tech@SouthCoastFM.au